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Correct link: Issue 7 of student magazine The Lookout is here!

Dear Resident,


Apologies for sending another message so soon - it was flagged that the link included in the last email did not work for some recipients.


Please use this link to read Issue 7 of The Lookout.


We’re delighted to share that the latest issue of our student magazine The Lookout is here! Each issue of the magazine brings fresh perspectives and insights from students across the country, exploring topics from safety on nights out, to the power and benefits of community action for young people. In this issue of The Lookout, four talented student writers give us the lowdown on spotting the signs of coercive control and how to help those suffering it, navigating uni life as a student with disabilities, pathways to sober student life, and avoiding burnout. Their articles are accompanied by work from our fantastic student illustrators.


Visit the Young People's hub on our website for previous issues of The Lookout, and to keep up to date with crime prevention advice for young people.


Enjoy Issue 7 of The Lookout!

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